23 September 2011

its the end of the world as we know it...

in more ways than one!

This equinox finds our realities shifted as we close one chapter and open another...
Today we moved our first load of office stuff to our new space. After being on 'the hill' for over a decade we have found an fantastic new place to call home...still work to be done, but exciting none-the-less.Thanks to our wonderful friends and colleagues from Kevin of Urban Wilds and Bud and Neil of River Ranch Construction for their invaluable support and assistance with heavy lifting! We love you!

okay, now, the real mind expander that I am trying to wrap my head around...a few days ago they announced that ghost particles appear to be moving faster than the speed of light. Okay, I guess its all mathematics and who knows what it looks or feels like, or if it exists beyond intellectual equations and wild experiments, but all that strangeness and irrationality holds the makings of yet another paradigm shift that breaks down an immutable(?) law of  understanding the world. While announced with caution because of  its 'potentally great impact to physics', this discovery by the Cern is something to contemplate for some time to come.

...andI feel fine.

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